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This qall we got, yall,
Limitless feat. supernatural, yall
Dj rhetmatic, dj rhett, matic
A free man turned evil, its victory baby!
This goes back to medieval time when
Egos relied upon records
The dj coordinated with mcs proceeded to use rhyme patterns,
Using verbal telepathic methods and black knowledge on forto ground,
Some peep can a know less the word will get around,
Those who choose to make moves on order,
Pass to the gods feel the heartbeat pumping through my order,
It a three man turn a mit on the bench for ten years, open
You started play points to get your years and tears open
Like a game of hoop, like a game of loop to create joints
Carress the the crownd audience to make there minds stay point,
Because one, the mucs stolen from you clean, you collapse,
Plang straight deep for you callin ticky tacks
Say who that the wild one, dont wanna bring out the wild one,
I said who that, that the one that make the lootpack smile constinue
Oh-ex here the freeze! limitlesss been at it,
Claiming victory on the ctrack provided by dj rhettmatic

I get kill with it to bill with it to thrill with it
Grab the mic and then i verbally kill with it
Do gymnastics on tracks, for little while,
I got a phone call from this kid, the wildchild,
He said oh nat, i got an idea, a building on the track
I said dont worry baby i got your bbck,
I be there in a flash, hope the whip dont crash,
When you there, make show you how the blunts would hash,
I could inhale deeper, cannabis and tiva, make you a believer im hooked on a reva eyes perfectly when i hit them trees, they enemys fall to them nees stop drop and freeze.
Call the lootpack tell the yo to put it on,
They spit kid, whats up with my homie mad, lived,
He goes mad inside of a lab, i can envision yall, held without a pen and a pad.

I spit hot rocks, slobber volcanic ashes,
Car crashes, 50 yeard dashes,
Mdcs minds move slow like molasses,
I rock in sapaces, war fat lace,s
Back in the days absorb sun rays,
And when i spit it of the dome, you miht get paid,
I dont cheat to raise on land, imthe man,
Raise your hand, now lets make a stand,
As the word go, those who prosper will prevail over those who lost over with a tail,
A significant difference for the real emotins felt,
From now on, lay this for or your national anthems,
Me and you will feel the victory, crashen on anthems,
We living in w e s p n,
You causght in the matrix can singulate your identity from the real world,
And the one down beneath hims,
And thats the worl we live in, wheres the victory baby?

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