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Sabrina Bryan

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Don't be lazy go talk to her,
She's been waiting for you to
Say hello to her face, she
Doesn't want a mystery, she
Needs a true man to treat her right

So come on get up, wake up

So come on, don't make me say it
Again, just wake up and be yourself
Show her who you really are, cuz man
She wants somebody who will wake up
And take care of her the right way

Make it a mission that will become
Possible, to win her heart, be extra
Strong, right through her eyes is a
Sad soul who wants someone to take
Her away

So come on get up, wake up, hey oh oh

Repeat chorus 2x

Reconnect the dots, redo the question,
Come up with a new solution to the
Problem you shouldn't hide inside

So come on get up, wake up 4x

Repeat chorus 2x

So come on get up, wake up, say hey

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