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Nikki Minaj

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Who da hell is dis calling me at 12:47 in the night while im watching a fight lookin at the phone theres no name in sight blocked id new sumthin just wasnt right its my candy from out in miami tellin me dat my mann with sume bytch in da camry carr seat of da back like he started a family yo can stop playin wat the fuck is u sayin remmember those chiicks from da priicks round 96 that we seen when we hit da licks round da project oh u mean leha lil sister mariah i used to go see her in front of da pizzeria i didnt say them they skooled from sume bytch dat u knew from back when sume bytch name kim light skined flim used to rock a low grim followed dem to da crib wit da lights real dim dey hit me on da curp on to me now im on to you wats it gonna be nikki tell me wat u wanna do damm imma have to sent into her make up damm imma have to send in to her makeup send into her makeup send into her make up they heard about his good sexing long exrections nice complexion nigged him from protection they even heard about his tounge game how da nigga give brain and stop to da cume came buht dats werd to hip hop i popped da bytch top like a carona its gonna be alot of black dresses and chest vestes if i find out he got a next mysteris wat u think allda goones is for 2 boded bytches by da door a few more out in new york and i feed dem curey chicken im all about my greens nah mean we got sume fat bytches in da kitchen

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