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Dj Peace

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Watch out for the golddigger
She'll make you a broke sinna
Feels like paradise (milk and honey) ('til takes your money)

I feel so good, this girl blows me away
I feel like a king every night and day
She gets me high (american airlines)
A thrill ride, side-by-side, her love's my (rollercoaster)

But now and then, she sends my heart reeling
Cause my mastercard bill is through the ceiling
She's everywhere she wants to be (c-note, cash money)
Starting to think, this ain't so funny (baby i got your money)


Whether, credit or cash, she spends it fast (and furiously)
Is she in it for the love? for the love of money, money, money, money
So take it from me, when a girl is too fine,
Fore she takes you to heaven, cover your behind (cya oh, cya oh)
(cya oh cya ah... oh)

Rockin and rollin' all night, partying everyday
I sold my soul for rock and roll, for this angel, i pray
Hallelujah or hell i just don't know
Is she the devil in disguise, putting on a show
(and tell, tell me, tell me, the answer)
Cause she's a great lover, like a belly dancer
(arabic drum break)


Confusion, grand illusion, got me deceived
Modern day delilah, don't let her conceive
B-b-baby baby (feels too good to be true)
The way you make me feel, i just can't stop lovin' you! (ee hee uh) (twice)


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