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Vela Whisper

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One blind step at a time we walk toward our extinction.
Lead by the comfort and reassurance
Of a growing monster.
The truths they will never have us know,
Are the bricks that built our reality.
They will one day soon rip our lives to shreds.
From the inside out.
They built a demon.
They have us by the throat.
And they won't ever let go.
We are but mere pawns in their game.
And their victory will change everything.
I'm afraid we have all been deceived.
We are but mere pawns.
Living inside the stomach of a monster.
The rights we live by were built on wrongs.
A world forged to keep us here.
While they pull the strings
We have our eyes trained on the road ahead,
But it was paved with greed and malintent.
They, the deceivers. we, the deceived.
From the inside out. they have us by the throats.
I know they say nothing gold can ever stay,
But this is far worse than i imagined it to be.
There is no way out of this mess.

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