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Punch Brothers

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Date de parution : 11/06/2010

Durée : 0:06:38

Style : Singer/Songwriter

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Welcome home
If home it is and well you come
We've seen the smoke and smelled the fumes
You went for broke
Then under over a couple bucks
Threw down the yoke and put up your dukes

May a blow land where he'll feel it
May your fire spread through the coal-sewn fields

Fare thee well
In a welfare line or thy father's will
Don't kill us and we'll go your bail
You hit and held
And folded, enthralled isn't thrilled,
You said, grow up", and away you saile

May the blow land where he'll see it
May your fear spread through the tear stained shores

Saying, i never knew you.

Welcome home
If home it is and well you come
'cause fear and fire can't consume,
Condemn, condone or dismiss what we haven't done,
And he's out of salt
Go dress your wounds

Lay a flare down by your dull pain
May he show up or may you move on
He will show up or you will move on

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