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Citizen King

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How'd you get this number? get my name from a paper?
Are you calling here behalf yourself or for somebody else?
You lookin for my leader? or just some company?
Getting pleasure outta pushing buttons listening to the ring
A face unknown, a name unknown, so where you calling from in this galaxy
A telecasted message via moon beam waves
From satellite to satellite to the fossils of today
I can hear you breathing but i cannot comprehend
This galaxy of words that you're tryna send

Who's that? who's that? who's that on the other end? (4x's)

I'm picking up a signal from a nebula system
Maybe interference from an earth man station
It's irritation, a mystery to me
Struggle on my mind to see what i can see
Could it be a long lost friend on the other end?
Could it be an enemy wishing me the end?
Could it be a resident of the solar wind?
Now you got me wondering who's on the other end?

Who's that? who's that? who's that? who's that?

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