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Michael Reich

pochette album Wireless
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Date de parution : 29/06/2003

Durée : 0:04:22

Style : Singer/Songwriter

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Back when surfing meant catching a wave
Rock & roll was the latest craze
A hand written letter meant so much
Innocence has long since gone
Break on through to the cosmic dawn
Never again will we lose touch

Break these chains that have bound me
Cut me loose so i can fly

Gone wireless
Got a cell phone
Got two thousand years of wisdom
From every time zone
Gone wireless
Yea im my own boss
Got miles & miles & miles
Of space to cross
Gone wireless

Satellites race over head
I could make a million lying in bed
Supermans got nothing on me
Anyway the coin is tossed
Somethings gained but somethings lost
In the shifting sands of reality

Copyright 2006 michael reich

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