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The Dan Tucker Band

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I'm growing wild/i turned the wrong way/
I'm like a child/i'm here to stay.
I marched for peace/but it never came/
I looked for the sun/but it would only rain.

I'm a wyldchild/i'm losing control/
I've gone the last mile/i'm bleeding my soul.
A change in the wind won't set me free/
And no point of veiw will make me see.

I've grown wild/but i've turned the right way/
I'm still like a child/and i'm here to stay.
I live in peace/to my world it came/
And i found the sun behind the clouds of rain.

2nd chorus:
I'm a wyldchild but i'm gaining control/
I've gone the last mile but i'm soothing my soul.
I'm a wyldchild but my way is the best/
You think you found peace of mind/
But you'll never find rest.

3rd chorus:
I'm a wyldchild/i'm a child gone wild/
I'm a wyldchild/but i'm pure not defiled.
I'm a wyldchild/but i'm free from strife/
'cause i found the way to truth and to life.

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