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Verse 1
I'm here all by myself and waitin'
For your call
You said you'd call me up
I really don't understand
Tell me baby what you want
Is there anything at all
I will do it baby
C'mon baby understand
I just want to be your man
Cause i can't wait another day
You, you are the one for me
You bring me joy
I need all your love girl
I' i am the one for you
I bring you joy
You need all my love girl
Verse 2
I know you want me too
I feel it deep inside of me
So why is it so hard for you and show
Your love for me
Chorus 2x
2nd chorus
So many nights, i've cried i'm all alone
(thinking about our love)
Coz you are all i need
Only you
Ending chorus

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