Paroles de Ziggy

Emilio Rojas

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Date de parution : 20/10/2013

Durée : 0:03:05

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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(verse 1)
I be keeping cash around and ass around, the type of ass i pass around
The fam and we are eating, but y'all people getting famine now
You scavengers are ranting about them ready hoes you smashing
And they got you scared to take a fucking test just like you're pacquiao
Back and down, my bank account is overflowing
And my green is overgrowing like a lawn and and no one mowing
I'm in the zone and going harder than i ever went
Shorty ain't an angel, but (?) are heaven sent
I don't give an anything
Money that i'm spending got me spending
Every weekend on the jet and landing in a different setting
I entered as a menace to society
Now we spending every second drunk and i'm a menace to sobriety
You find me then you find me with an army that's behind me
And i'm nothing pretty, boy, my clothes are dirty, i am grimy
Them pretty bitches on me, wanna take me, wanna try me
Wanna ride me till the red is in my eye, she get me higher than a

(ziggy, ziggy, ziggy, ziggy)
We going higher than a (ziggy, ziggy, ziggy, ziggy)
She get me higher than a (ziggy, ziggy, ziggy, ziggy)
So kick it up and let it go, let it dry
Inhale, let it (?)

(verse 2)
Nowadays my lady friends are staying, begging me to lay 'em down
Cause they want to put the tip inside just like the atf
It's so amazing when i'm waking up to naked tans
I eat a little bit of each like a buffet of flesh
She be moaning, wake her up and she be moaning
She be going right to work and giving me more head than tony
Ain't loaning any money, they my friends
I put 'em in position, now they get their own (?)
When it come to getting bread i'm self-sufficient
And my clique is well conditioned
We be sitting in the mist of everyone that you be wishing
See the denim, ask ''what is it?'' cause the pockets like to stitching
Doing numbers every minute like a fucking mathematician
Now i'mma get it, get it, motherfucker, i'mma get it
And i ain't looking back with no regrets cause i did it
I'm showing y'all the difference between of living and a living
Never slowing down a little bit, we going higher than a


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