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Rob Klajda

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When the news broke
Everyone thought it was a joke
Special reports led to warning sirens
And air strikes
That seems real to me
We saw the movies,
We thought we knew what to do
But we didn't
If i had known the last time i saw my family was gonna be the last time
I saw my family
Well, theres a last time for everything
I guess
They said it was under control -it wasn't
They said there was
Nothing to worry about-
There was.
I wish i could help you,
I wish i could give you good news
I wish i could guide you to safety,
But every sanctuary has fallen.
Theres nowhere to rest.
Ill broadcast on this frequency again tomorrow.
Its bed time-
Do you want me to sing a song?
Good luck trying to sleep
If you can hear this you're obviously alive
But i may be dead
This is a recording
I stopped doing live broadcasts
Over a month ago
I was forced to move up to the roof
When they broke into the station
I don't have enough water to last long, although the rain
Has been good to me this week
There may still be hope for you
But there's none for me
Sorry to get all kafka on you-
I dont want to be cynical
But its going to take one amazing cavalry
To save my day
Don't follow this signal, run away from it;
The city has been completely overtaken
If you have food or water,
Start rationing now
Dont trust anyone you meet-
Were all monsters now
Maybe im just being dramatic
This broadcast will loop
For as long as the battery lasts
Thats all i have to offer-
Take care of each other
Good morning campers!
This is abby, rocking the morning shift
On wlzz.
Actually the afternoon shift,
The evening shift,
The graveyard shift- speaking of which
The studio is surrounded-
There are thousands of them
Pushing against the walls, the windows-
Its safety glass, but still,
Everything has a breaking point.
If you somehow
Havent caught on to this yet
They want to eat you
Theyre slow and weak
But there are a lot of them
Dont attract attention
They can smell you-
The more you smell like them the better
Theyre dumb but you can't fool them
Keep running
Remember the zombies are here
Its real
If they ever make it in,
Ill give you my best horror movie scream,
But for now im good- who knows,
I might even outlast them

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