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Dj Richie

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Dj richie presents

2012 love story

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Baby your body is as sexy as roads curve
Which always pulls me closure to your love
In my life you are the only thing i owe
The more i go away from you your face blurs

You are a beauty of sleek samsung galaxy s iii design
Running through my mind all day
Damn!you are a very good thief distracted me and stealed my heart away

We are two a duo a couple a pair
Whenever we are in the garden love the way you move your soft hand through my hair

I dont know whether this is the start of our 2012 lovestory of badass romeo & kickass juliet
Because i am incomplete without you as the atmosphere without air

She asks : so how much do you love me ?
He reply: i love you thousand times to you multiply it by infinity take it to the depths of forever
And you'll still only have a glimpse of how much i love you but still love to hear from you
She says,"you are such a liar"

When you are with me you make me feel gentlemen and clever
While walking down the street with you hoping will you hold my hands forever....

Being far away from you gives me a feeling like i got no beat in my heart
Whenever i say goodbye baby just turn around come closure to me and feel the rhythm of my heart
May be that is the reason we will never be apart....