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(m. spohn, r. peinelt, a. torkler)
(from the album "information", 1995)
There's a girl laying down for money
There's a boy stealing a car
There's a psychopathic killer
Who fires grenades into a bar
There's a child tormenting a pet
There's a drug party somewhere tonight
There is heat and stuffy smog
In the old city of light
These are achievements of a modern world
These are just normal things in a modern world
How do you like to live in this modern world
There's one who says he's the new born leader
There's a man who claims the end of the world
There's a guy who rapes and misuses
And then slashes up the body of a girl
There's an arson in a forest at midnight
There's a bomb attack on a bus stop at noon
There's an accident in a nuclear plant
There's a rocket crashing into the moon
There's a killer somewhere in the streets
There's a man who is just paying a whore
There's a government corrupt and so false
There's a president declaring a war
There's a young man dying of cancer
There's an old man dying of age
There's a kid growing up in a computer game
That shows a world of a violence and rage

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