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Vela Whisper

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Looking back at all i've done,
Second guessing myself again.
I have nowhere to hide.
I am so sick of this feeling.
Like being eaten alive by your demons.
I know we've all got anchors,
But i'm done letting mine hold me down.
I won't be here forever.
Each waking hour is a reminder,
For me to get back on my feet.
I know there is so much hope in change
That lies in our own hands.
I'm sinking.
I won't let anything stand in my way.
Running toward my future with my head held high.
I know we've all got demons,
And the power to leave them behind.
Not even death can silence the fire inside my heart.
I will be moving forever forward,
And this is just the start.
I won't be here forever.
We will all grow and learn until we touch back down.
Until we reach back home.

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