Lyrics of Answer to the galveston rose

Hank Snow

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I'm writing this answer to the galveston rose
The answer to a sad, broken heart
My whole world, it crumbled when i read your last note
Saying, that we forever must part

Oh, i realize now you were innocent, dear
When in anger i said we were through
For as all the long years have passed slowly away
I find that i'll always love you

There were tears on your cheeks when i bid you goodbye
And you pleaded with me not to go
These last years i have paid for the wrong i have done
To my sweetheart the galveston rose

Now, they say you are resting in a lonely churchyard
Where the violets and red roses hide
And i pray when i die my request they will fill
And lay me to rest by your side

I have longed and i've yearned for you many a time
And wished i could undo the past
And hold you again in my arms tenderly
And live with you, dear, to the last

Now you've heard my sad answer to a flower so fair
One i loved more than anyone knows
With god's help i'll repay for the sorrow and tears
That i brought to my galveston rose

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