Lyrics of April moon

Bobby Caldwell

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Release date : 01/02/2005

Duration : 0:03:27

Style : Jazz

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This is a story i've wanted to tell
I was left for a handsomer guy
All i could do was wish them both well
And gaze at my friend in the sky

April moon
You know me
I have wept here before
Can you believe i went back to her for more
I just hate that side of me

April moon
My baby left me with nothing
You know the ropes
Can't you do something
To restore my sanity

I remember the good times
Love was strong so i thought
Do the stars cheat on you
Like she did me
I think not
I think not

April moon
So full, so bright
Maybe one day
She'll be in my arms again
But not tonight, not tonight
April moon

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