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Uhh, ayye bitch, t-raww
Bad bitch, fuck her better with the lights on
Me go psycho in that pussy, she don't mind at all
Me aah from molly, now tell her fuck big sean
Physco, micheal, niggas don't like no
Nigga gettin money want me dead like castro
Yamper on my lap, they go yonkers to my odd flow
Top flow telescope, watch your aunt die slow (fireflow)
Animal, cookie eat a rookie i'm jahranimo
The diabolical, carnival
Eat the shit now i got halitos, halatocious
I'm the dopest, nigga you ain't notice?
Drop 150 on the yacht, master i'm a mascre
The ice killed the watch
Fuckin' two bitches while my other bitch watch
My conceded bitch in london, she speaks so posh
Nigga that's that t9, nigga that's that roo-aah
She fucked the whole crew now the hoe too lie
These days too many lies, too many rhymes
Cashin' out gettin' mine
Mothafucka then i'm out

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