Lyrics of Ballin' outta control

Riff Raff

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Release date : 15/08/2013

Duration : 0:03:23

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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(hook) x4
Rocks on my hand, grand canyon
Rocks on my hand, grand canyon
Haters talkin' down and they can't stand it
My haters talkin' down, can't understand it

Rocks on my hand
Big rocks on my hand
Rocks on my hand
Big rocks on my hand
Rocks on my hand, grand canyon
Rocks on my wrist
Rocks on my hand
Big rocks on my wrist

(verse 1)
Youngin' had a nice perm, hair done in sicily
Used to have a bright wrist, move like a swordfish
Bored with reality, half moon galaxy
Cold to a woman's touch, never have to heat me up
Touch me with your best heart, souls from the octagon
Neon flavored waterfall, rainforest opticals
Thinkin' 'bout your best friend, kiss me through the everglades
Man-made highways, laws, conspiracy
Trap me with the regulations, rules form a time warp
Time for a foreign change, although i still seek the truth
But i'm still in human form
My flesh is a synagogue, teach me your peaceful ways
War stories stray me, exit room gracefully
Suckas wanna hate me, librarian wanna date me
Love me through your childhood, you should be my best friend
Chose your next wisely, my chess moves are pessimistic
My life is a kaleidoscope, take time to love yourself
Violence is the root of evil though i'm touchin' no one
Still i wish success on everybody, never had a carbon-copy
I hope you have a beautiful family and your label is successful, financially

(hook) x4


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