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Stephen Lynch

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Release date : 01/01/2003

Duration : 0:02:02

Style : Rock

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Mark: i like my toast buttered
Stephen: and i'll take mine dry

Mark: i dig the beatles
Stephen: i'm a stones kinda guy

Mark: i have fine taste
Stephen: and i like things cheap

Mark: i wanna stay up all night
Stephen: i just wanna sleep, with your sister

Mark: i love the sunshine
Stephen: and i wanna nail your sister

Mark: i like julia roberts movies
Stephen: just wanna f the s out of your sister
And mark you would rule
Hey!, if you'd say its cool
I'd go pick her up at her junior high school
Yea your sister
I wanna f your sister
Wanna f her in the a
And just c all over her chin
Well i'd stick my fist in her v
And i'd move it around and then i'd move it to her a hole
It'd be so f'ing great
I'd nail her
I wanna f your sister!

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