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Richard Marx

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We've been down this road before
Lost the key that fits the door
Believing it was finally gone for good
Here we are, the perfect pair
In a state of disrepair
Saying all the things we swore we never would
And the words that mean the most
Hang between us like a ghostleft unspoken

But i, i
I'm gonna love you even when it hurts
Yeah, i, i
I'm gonna love you
For better or worse

Everywhere i look around
It seems when things break down
It's easier to just throw them away
But a promise left to die
Can sometimes still surprise
And start breathing in the morning's light of day
And the hearts that learn to bend
Are t he only ones who mend
When they're broken


And i haven't got a clue
Baby, any more than you
Where we're goin'


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