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Well i lost my shirt in vegas
Lost the woman i adored
I was just about to cash in my chips
When i heard the word of the lord
He told me something i remember to this day
He said everyday's a broderick?
You don't owe it anything
And with every roll of the game with the dice
Is a whole new game of chance
And now i know
Just one thing for sure
Way of life
Is one big gamble
It can cut you
Like a knife
Hit me just
Once more, jesus
With the black jack
Game of lies

The blackjack game of lies

Got a rulete wheel that keeps spinning
With stacks i can't control
Well i bring on the whole jackpot
Well i win without my soul

But now i know i got one thing on my side
There ain't no telling what you've done
What i be throwin at you
But i got jesus on my side
And the glow in the dark statue

But now i tried enough
He says to me
He says

(go back to that way of life part)

(first verse repeated)
(chorus repeated)

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