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Keith Murray

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Yo, this is keith murray and hurricane g with the bom bom zee
Trey deep takin' to the streets
We straight ball hoggin', word up
Niggaz know what time it is
Straight up, straight motherfuckin' def squad, l.o.d.

We can stand in the water and can't get wet
Def squad always got some fly shit on deck
Hey funny, what's up with that money grip, yeah
Get hip to my tune and yo, watch me flip

The master, the ultimate funk, freaker
I'm unique, i got soul out my sneaker
A dope female, with the fat tail
I never liked college, so yo, fuck yale

If you don't know me by now, i'm puerto rican
When the track be creepin' she be freakin' when she speakin'
The bad mamma jama, still bust the grammar
Fuck the bullshit, let's get legit

Yes, me the hurricane, yo, i pack skills
So i keep on steppin' like i'm doin' drills
Hut one, two, charge enlarge
God damn, so don't fuck around with the jam

Sit back, relax, niggaz and watch me kick it
Don't flex in my pocketbook, i pack a biscuit
I blow your ass out, click, click booyaka
How's that? now peep the size of my gat
I'm gassed, so motherfuckers kiss my ass
My whole ass, my entire big fat ol' ass

Keith murray run this motherfucker
Hell motherfuckin', yeah
Keith murray run this motherfucker
Hell motherfuckin', yeah

The mad matador metaphoric mergers like traffic
Not havin' it, bashin' your style, i'm somethin' drastic
Biblically, theoretically, practically speakin' who
Wanna step in the helm of the realm of the def squad crew

I shoot the gift like swish drinkin' olde english
Nigga you wish you had the style, more distinguished than this
Pissed ain't the word so observe, how i break
Your flow down through science and kick you to the curb

Firsthand dirt and jungle poetry
You see me, g, we or e and somethin' out this anatomy
Found the words of motherfuckin' technology
Like that and we out

It's the bom bom zee, oh, yeah
With keith murray and hurricane g
For y'all that don't know
Ya betta ask somebody

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