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You don't have to hear my heart beat
All you need is to look into my eyes
And tell me i'm the one you heart needs
I'm the only one you run to in the night

Oh let me burn the words forever mine
Across your heart, across your mind
Take your hands and feel my heart beat
Come and let me feel it in your eyes

All you have to do is touch me
Oh and lay your flame across my fire
Oh let me spread your wings and come inside
And take your heart and make you mind

Come and lay down your heart on me
All that i want to feel is
Breathe in me
Lay down your heart on me

Feel you inside of me
Breathe on me
Come and take me on, take me down
Oh take me all the way

There's only one way
Only one thing i need, all i need
Take me way down
Come and lay down on me

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