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Knuckle Sandwich

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Here lies another victim raised by a religious family. his parents family values were no match for ozzy. not responsible for what becomes reality. hide behind your guise of art your broken record. you can't hold me accountable for what i do. yo m & m yeah he told me to. pull yourself together eddie vedder spoke to me so i brought a gun to school to copy jeremy. gold records line the walls of hell. excuse me while i kill myself. if this is the voice of my generation. there's no way in hell, that the violence in music and movies desensitizes. i wonder what was oj's favorite cd. you can't hold me accountable for what i do marilyn manson told me to. i know every word to the ice cube cd, so i brought a gat to school cause i wanna be a g. if this is the voice of my generation take my microphone away from me. with this song you will relate, because its dark and filled with hate.

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