Lyrics of Burn the cities, pray for good weather

Erik Goes To Germany

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One two three four..
Lets burn these towns to the ground, girl
We'll chop the trees
But not the roots
We'll both find ways to retribute
We'll rob a bank and cross the tracks
We'll wait a day and then we'll give it all back

And when we find our reckless times
Have come to an abrubt yet sturdy end
Well we'll find solace in each other's arms
And fuel all envious eyes with our lover's charm

(we'll chop the trees, but not the roots...)

To start brand new when winter sets
Like flowers blooming from past regrets
Girl, look alive, it's good to be alive
With you here next to me
We'll freeze the time and we'll live on
Way past the age when earth is gone
To start brand new with you right here,
We'll live our lives without a fear
(we can freeze time)

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