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Release date : 08/10/2012

Duration : 0:03:53

Style : Alternative

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Well i'm so sorry for what you're going through
But i've got my life and it's all new it's true
There's nothing here for you
Now my days are loaded i've got things to do
Between money and fame there's no more room for you
The feeling's gone she threw


What can i propose?
Well nothing but my heart and bones
And all this on the phone
I guess the hard times boy you'll be doing them alone!

Refusing shelter from the storm
She closed the door
The page is torned in two
The plans and schemes are too
She says we need some time but we can still be friends

And when all'll be great we'll drink champagne in coupe
Oh dear i love your suit!


Mirrors and disguise
Brainwashed memories no surprise!
Afraid to catch my eye
With many postponed tickets i'm pushed away goodbye.

Well so long liz or baby lou
May your friends and mommy never do the same to you
Well they did but now they grew
You said you wiped the stain on the union jack
Well the deck is clear no looking back
Oh lou...the stain was art in you!


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