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The Chicharones

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Release date : 19/06/2012

Duration : 0:04:52

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Sleep verse
I took the long road, in it for the long haul
Been given every percent of myself until i fall slow
At least that's what i'm thinking when my body's feeling awful
From drinking and weeks of not sleeping when im on tour

That is what i choose to do, something i think it chose me
Whenever i'm down on my luck the music holds me.
So it can comfort you when your having troubles too
Cause were all connnected through the struggles that were going thrgouh

When we put the pieces back together we're brand new
Sometimes you feel like screaming to make them understand you
And i been there before too many times and i ran through
Without a scartach but had to resort to plan 2

Or b, whatever by any means necessary
Bury them beasts of burden in pets semetaries
My grind's legendary refine no chitter chatter,
I talk the medicine, never been anything better for me...

Time don't wait it don't slow down
Got to got ta get it rrrrrr-ight now
If you don't let em, they can't get you down
Start aiming for the clouds get your feet off the ground

Verse 2 - jm
We have been an 8th seed for far too long now,
Taking out the number 1 is not the far gone now.
Leave it on the court, get stops, get one more stop
The comeback, we done that, we got our game 7!

Up court, game time, big decision , no time outs left,
Plotting in the huddle, thinking pick n roll or pick n pop.
It depends on the defense, last second shot means
Win it or get lost.

Headfake then boogie leave behind the rookie status,
Be the baddest, time stops, leap into the vast
Impossible, impassible, make the extra pass and you will find your man open with a clear path to the glass

Defense convverges, then sleep emerges at the point,
Kick it out and he catches it in rhythm.
It too late to stop it, defending as he pop it
The moment, that it leaves his hands theres no doubt its goood!

Verse 3
Jm: there is no i in team, but theres a me in team
No man can beat a team, not by hisself, i mean.
Remember being 17, thinking i know everything
There was no doubting it, i was about the win.
There;s no way that we wont win.
Shaking hands cant help but grin.
As a kid i was mimicking, what i saw in magazines
But now its me that is wrapped up in packaging...

Sleep: nothing can stop us from reaching the top of the planet
And beyond, in fact we never landed, we gone
Anti-gravity travelling willbury through galaxies.
In fact the only place we can't touch is the halocene apparently
We can though go mingle with other weirdos,
Played the best clubs in the world...we're rap superheroes
Not the loser zeroes smooching the who knows of the pseudo coolest.
Telling you the news yo!

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