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P.j. Pacifico

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Release date : 25/09/2012

Duration : 0:03:41

Style : Singer/Songwriter

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Champions & guardians
(c) 2012 paul p music ascap
Written by p.j. pacifico

Onward, around & back again
Just hung up with a best friend
Is this the way i was then?
Am i new to you?
A way you never knew before
Just kicked down the front door
Your everyday is no more
It's brand new to you and me
It's so easy to see
All at once, it's me

All at once, this all appears among
The two of us who never knew each other much
And just for fun, look at what we've become
All at once, champions & guardians

When shall we three meet again
In thunder, lightning or insane?
It'll never be the same
Thanks to you
Wake up one day and wonder why
The things that hide inside are gone
Besides inner pride, welcome anew


Waiting for the day to come
And put this all behind
It's our turn to shine


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