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Release date : 20/11/2007

Duration : 0:03:2

Style : Rock

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Everyone's thinkin' when he comes home
He'll be takin' you back from me
But nobody knows just how deep our love goes
And he'll never take you from me

Now i know that you never meant to cheat
And i never meant to steal
But you only forget when there's better yet
And i know that's how we both feel

It's a change of heart
Look out for some rain
When you change your heart
One man's loss is another man's gain

Everyone's sayin' when he comes home
He'll loosen my hold on you
But they just don't know that you're free to go
And love's my only hold over you

And i knew the night that your tears were fallin'
What you were goin' through
You knew it'd be hell but you had to tell him
Now it would be me and you

It's a change of heart
Worked out for the best
When you change your heart
Save yourself and forget all the rest

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