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My eyes shed tears
When i recall the saddest moment
Which filled me with sorrow
When i watched your going away...
Gone with the wind... going away...

You parted, no word spoken
Without a tender beckoning
You left me sore
Handed over to grief's embrace...

My heart... my frozen heart
Is bleeding and crying
With our torn apart

You took in your hand
The autumn's tear
Spilt on the emotion
You caused by forsaking me

You were the last scrap of life
Within my being
You tore up an eternal wound
You left me dying...

And i told you...
That i felt this love was killing me
And pain was tearing me apart...
Forever i will long for you
In my silence... silence... in my solitude...

My silence... my solitude...

I will never forget that look of yours,
Pierced through my heart...

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