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Fed by waves
The children dance
Atop the mountain high
The wizzard speaks
In tones and hymns
As the electric hawk cries
The children mourn
For corruption is born
Atop the mountain high
Imposing judgement
The bishops descent
Preaching the end is nigh
Heavy riders of the storm
Through blackened night
Through the haze
Of smoke and riff
They ride to fight
With blackend hearts
And heavy swords
They travel north
Demanding priest and lords
Bring the bishop forth
Golgothan axe of sharpened
Bone and steel beheading
Priests and guards
Of the cathedral
They ride to fight
Thunder in the night
Electrical impedence
Swinging the axe of divination
Golgothan mounts the percheron
At the bishops invocaiton
Beheading nephilims they ascends
To the cathedral walls
They strum the riffs
Of both gods and myths
Watching the bishop fall

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