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Release date : 09/05/1996

Duration : 0:04:27

Style : Alternative

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The ultimate in flip script deliverin' many blows
All that primate thinkin' broke off leg and elbow
A fruit bowl delight of power knockin' down any door
Chim chim's laughin' at you and he's slammin' you to the floor

Chim, chim's badass revenge

Wit one mega nut bomb you got blowin' up and away
With a bounty full of kaboom terrorizn' keep yo' hair arizin'
And the sunshine reflects off, ah dah moon
When you think it's over chim chim's scarface in the room

Chim, chim's badass revenge
Chim, chim's badass revenge

Takin' um hostage
Holdin' up the bank
Blockin' the sewer
Drainin' yo gas tank

Brakin' the rules
Ignorin' the signal
Runnin' the stop sign
To get your peace of mind

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