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Hot Pistol Shrimp

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Release date : 01/04/2014

Duration : 0:03:34

Style : Rock

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Come here sweet baby
Come sit next to me
Your eyes i can see
They`ve been looking for d.

Drink with me lady
Tonight i am free
Yes i`m free to be
The man you wanna see

Try steal, or even kill,
The love we have or feel,
You`ll be thrilled

My kill you try to steal
My love you always deal
Let`s just chill

I`m chasing the line,
I guess i`ll be fine
I will always fly
Never will i sigh

Of course i will burn,
If i ever return,
The path i won`t learn,
But that`s my concern

All of this was when i existed in
My shadow`s eyes
Sticking up for
All those f........ lies


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