Lyrics of Cloudgazing

Gordie Sampson

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Release date : 09/11/2005

Duration : 0:03:12

Style : Pop

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Caught your picture
In a cloud formation.
Sleeping michelangelo,
Angel in a bed of snow
That's what you are.

Lift me up now don't explain.
Want you to come down like rain.
Oh the sight is amazing
When you're cloudgazing.

Move like a ghost train,
Coming out of the station.
Smoke rings that you make for me
Burn into a symphony of breathing stars.

Mountains hover in the air.
Godly faces unaware.
I feel so small in a good way,
When i'm cloudgazing.

Clouds have come
To welcome us
And tease us 'cause
We're animals
Too much in love.

Caught your picture
In a cloud formation.

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