Lyrics of Cockblocker blues

Backyard Babies

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Release date : 21/04/2006

Duration : 0:03:35

Style : Alternative

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When i dance i'm tailed by a dog called ego
And you don't move at all
When i talk you bark with a pitch black halo
Damn, you're gonna hit the wall

The cockblocker blues

Did i piss you off, did i do the johnny?
Did i make you dark blue?
Did you pee your pants when i playboyed your bunny?
Damn, no i don't pay-per-view

The cockblocker blues

Got a pirates heart i ain't no sunday sailor
You got nothin on me
I'm 24 carat gold and you're the rusty anchor
Damn, it ain't no charity, i got no sympathy

The cockblocker blues

She's got it
He's got it
I know i've go it
We all got it
The cockblocker blues

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