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Release date : 02/10/2000

Duration : 0:01:03

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Girl, we might has well see what's up wit these niggas
Hello, hello, yeah, what's, oh, oh, what's up? hey
Yo, this is 20/20, hey, hey, cris, cris
So ask 'em if they comin' ova, oh, okay

Yea, yea, so what's up, man? so what's up?
Are y'all gonna come through or not?
Yea, we comin' through there
Alright, not so bad, let me go on an' tell you how to get here
You ready?, yea, okay, you go, aww, shit
Let, let me let cris tell ya, hold on hold on

Alright, hella, yea, yea, okay, you go, umm, 85 south
Okay, you gonna get off old national highway
Make a left, you're gonna come all the way down
'till you get to creel road, make a right on creel, okay

An' you just gonna keep comin' down
You gonna see this big ass white mansion on the right hand side
Word?, hell, yea, there gonna be a convertable jag in the driveway
What?, range rover, all black, hell, yea

Shit, now, we like right next door an' shit in this hud house
Yea the door kinda fucked up so you're gonna have to, uh
Climb through the window, is that cool?
What the fuck? hell, no, nigga

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