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If you have just one, let me be that love
If you have lots of others, please let me be
Please let me be one
Let me be one
If you like undressing, please let me find
If you like large intestines, please let me
Please please please let me find out
Let me find out
If you're gone for weeks on end in crazy
Situations and don't know why you drive
Through cars in dirty foreign towns
Please let me find out
If you shield your eyes
For glory ever the time
And drag your mouth to smile
If sickness is your cover
I'll try not to look down
I'll try not to look down
For if you're sick of cradling
And dragging all my injuries
You can just say fuck right off
It's better than not knowing
Or if you're just as scared as me
If that's what it's about
Please let me find out

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