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Release date : 02/09/2012

Duration : 0:05:

Style : Alternative

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This is where it all began
What a piece of work is man
He stands with no spine

And no one else can say to me
It's over now, you changed the sea
Because the passenger is all mine

If you fall and lose it all
Just leave it alone
'cause if i fall and lose it all
I'll throw the first stone

I tried to get him out of there
I pushed and shoved and pulled his hair
He sat there and stared

Forever and a day it takes
To make me learn from my mistakes
Over and over, im not prepared

But misery loves company
When he is here im less lonely
Where else can i turn when im betrayed?

But worst of all is finding out
Being sure and beyond any doubt
That i am the one who cannot be saved

It breaks my heart to feel it start
He grabs the wheel but now i feel
Im here with no fear

My oldest friend
Lets not pretend
Ill never listen again

Ill never fall and lose it all
I left it alone
Ill never fall and lose it all
I dont have the stone

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