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Mister Monster

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Release date : 01/05/2004

Duration : 0:04:52

Style : Alternative

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Nothing brings out the death in me
Like december snow
No one can make me scream
Like you could make me scream, my love

You loved to see me bleed
You'd always slip on my blood
Just kill a little kid or two
You'll see what i've been going through

Each sip of wine that i take
Is for love that's lost
Each bottle that i break
Is for you, the girl i loved the most

When you said you'd never leave
Your fiendish smile grinned
Now that you're gone again
It made me look and see that

I'm the monster everyone made of me
I'm the one you held so cold
How i'd love to see you're alone
But you're in no ones arms but yours

Now when i feel inside of you
I feel nothing but death
Dead flesh inside of you
With ants and worms and maggots on your breasts

Take a look inside of me
There ain't nothing but black
A black heart and colder lungs
Prescilla, now you'll see that

I'm the monster everyone made of me
You created something so cold
And now my amy thinks she's wrong
But it's no ones fault but yours

This monster's all your fault

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