Lyrics of Deaf as a bat

The Jesus Lizard

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Release date : 21/08/1993

Duration : 0:01:4

Style : Alternative

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Utter gibbersih, except for sad sack kack arelya
Sounds like:

My baby jump off the ceiling, take a look at yourself goin' into that
I know where bevs and venchetta (baby sends antenna)
Stick out the arm and the needle
I'm an old ?? (wap-bop) feelin
?? (snowing), it got got it got it i got you
Looking at you, sit down atop bop the footstool
Seeing into the midnight, (in the) middle of the day
Sit down (back) right over here, sit down a goddamn minute
Sitting on the wa-wall ?? (we're) ready
Not ready to say you are, sitting here in pure mania
I can't expect ?? (ta sing) this into ya
Sad sack kack arelya 'cause i know you're ?? (wrong)
Now you say ya can't find my needle,
Stuck it into somehow my ?? (cookie slow)
Sweet girl ooh wah ooh wah ooh wah yah babe, wah wah wah yah yah ooh ooh ooh ooh

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