Lyrics of Dem want make i chop

Mr Flexing

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(intro)uh yeah,dem no want make i chop dzeko where u dey
Free me now
Uh ,uh,uh,uh,uh,uh,uh
(chorus)see as dem no want make i chop,as dem no want make i chop,make i chop,make dem chop but dem no go shit(*2)
(dzeko) wishi,wishi sarasara elenu free me joor i just make my dough say life na ashawo make i blow,i for like 2 be like dangote and adenuga
But d people for government house and aso rock i dey wida,
My wicked flows wicked ryhmes i dey combine like everyday
This music na my whitie one day my maga in go pay
(bridge)as i dey tell before i go tell u again im a very a bad people and im not in your legal