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The Vandals

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Release date : 17/09/2002

Duration : 0:02:06

Style : Alternative

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If my body was twice the size it was
Then i might look alright but i don't because,
I've got a disproportioned head.
And the people they point and laugh at me and
They tell me it's huge 'cause honestly -
I've got a disproportioned head.
Don't try and be nice and say, "it's really not that big"
'cause i am well aware that you are lying - about my head.
It blocks out the sun like a parasol.
And i'm walking around like a dodger doll 'cause i've got a disproportioned head.
And i can't make it better with surgery.
So i'm stuck with a skull and the world can see,
I've got a disproportioned head.
Don't try and be nice to me because you think i'm near.
I'm across the street and i can't hear.
Don't offer advice to me, of hats- it's all been tried.
They don't really make them in my size...head.
And i can only fit in convertible cars.
And my mom has a 3-foot cesarean scar,
'cause of my disoproportioned head
And i'd go ahead and end it now
If i could find a noose that would fit around my huge, disproportioned head.
I've got a disproportioned head (x3)

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