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Release date : 18/09/1995

Duration : 0:02:37

Style : Alternative

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Do you fancy me, or am i living in make believe?
Am i someone just to pass your time?
To pass lonely hours 'til your heart can be free,
Then you'll forget all about me
Do you think of me,
Or are you a victim of old memories?
Why can't we live for now?
The past is only a sad tragic dream,
Why can't you give your love to me?
Like flowers of springtime there comes a time, when they must wilt away.
Like coldness of winter, with clouds in the sky,
I watch lonely people pass by.
I'll no longer pine for you,
My heart is through with being blue.
Soon you'll turn to find me gone.
Then you'll pass lonely hours,
'til your heart can be free,
And you'll do all your yearnin' for me.

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