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The Cut Throat Razors

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Release date : 17/12/2012

Duration : 0:05:21

Style : Pop

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Once in lemon scented palermo
A danger lurks in the garden
A dark and sinister creed
Who lives for money and greed
And is bound by an oath of loyalty
A murderous secret society

We are many yet we are few
We are evil but we are you
Were the best with many heads
Were the nightmare in your beds
Weve got lawyers, judges, bankers, soldiers too

I am beautiful and i am bold
Im a killer and i am cold
Just remember when we meet
I have toothache be discreet
Or youll end up lying, dying in the street


Oh, you men of honour
Oh, you men of class
Behold, you men of honour
If you dont play the game
You will live a life of shame
And youll feel the wrath of mafia tyranny

Bernadino, what a hero
A socialist like sicilys never seen
With his peasant federation
He attacked our very nation
Til we ran him down and shot him in the spleen

Mussolini, fascist bastard!
A scum bag of right wing tyranny
He very nearly had us
With his leather and his blackshirts
Til the yanks delivered us liberty


Joe bananas, americanos
Sicilian by birth through and through
Narcotics we control
We destroy your very soul
And well kill you if you turn the other way

Luciano, hes the capo di capo
And you should live in fear
When youre lying in your bed
He will shoot you in your head
Hes a crazy motherfucker, hes insane


So heres a warning to all of italy
You cut our throats? be prepared for what you see
For the smell of mafia has a lure
To the rich, the powerful and the poor
And the blood that will flow from our veins
Wont wash away all your shame


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