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Yeah, you find ashes and lj be the talk of this shit nigga,
We out here do what we do best,
Bitch don't trip money won't stress ya,
Ha ha ha ha ha
Yeah now listen,
Here we go
Yeah, i came in the game with a paper and a pen,
Now, i'm going out with paper no pen,
Told these niggas i'm serious when i'm whipping their asses,
I ain't got 'no love' homie i'm stressing them bitches,
Life couldn't be sweet without me overdosing,
My world, only bitches knows the entrance and the exit,
I got it tied up in my hand,
Got these niggas talking like they know me,
You only see a reflection of what i am nigga,
I told that lecturer,
I've been in the game before he knows me,
And i ain't go stop till i close my eyes forever,
Got these niggas talking confusing me with one of their friends,
I got a chopper by my side you talk shit and you dead,
Ljundisputed be the name,
Well you learn it,
Life contract with my soul nice proposal hidden treasures,
Bitches be the reward,
Money be the satisfaction,
Fame be the status,
Power be the glory to 'em haters,
Fucking bad bitches everyday,
Got that icy ring talking to them thirst niggas,
Got these niggas shaking i' ma rise above you haters,
I'ma smoke a lot of weed till i see two bitches standing in front of me,
It's a last man standing competition between me and my dick,
I' ma make sure that nigga spit a lot of shit,
Motherfucker hate me,
But i ain't got a choice homie all i do is hustle,
I'm the man of my word,
I stand by what i say,
Drama king be me,
Got these niggas talking about me,
Got these bitches searching for me,
Got these whores wanna fuck me,
Nigga i'm the hottest in the game,
Ljundisputed be the spinning in his world nigga
Let the drama king be running in his veins,
Mps forever y'all remain blessed,
Now suck it,
Uh yeah

Ljundisputed---------drama king

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