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Release date : 07/05/2002

Duration : 0:09:25

Style : Rock

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The days have passed
When there weren't enough days
Before them to say remember when
But you still say i can't wait until
And you're still dreaming

Well, i guess some things never die
And the ones that do, they make you cry
And that one little sparkle in your eye
Is what keeps you going on and on and on

And when you smile, is it just for the lights
And when you pray, does it come from deep inside
And did today look good
When you went to bed last night

Every morning starts with a sunrise
And no fair warning for what might pass your eyes
So don't let them make your head spin
Throw out a line and pull your soul in
Call your mother and tell her that you're fine

'cause if you hurt there's always a reason why
And grief and pain we are only passers by
And make sure tomorrow looks good
Before you sleep tonight

Don't ever let them bring you down
Try not to let them make you frown
'cause in the morning when the light shines in
You know today you might win
Today you might win

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