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Nik Kershaw

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I told my tale with some words
From jail and a bible vow
But fear and fury were my judge and
Jury so here i am now
There was a letter

A hundred letters
I wrote a letter
It said "hi! mr. president i hope
You're fit and strong"
And i hope you'll give me every
Chance to live because they done me wrong

My hope lies in elisabeth's eyes
Love i will never have known
My hope lies in elisabeth's eyes

Still reeling i detect a feeling that i'm here to stay
Somebody locked me up
Somebody threw my key away
I got a letter
A single letter
I read the letter
It said "hang in there boy
I am fighting for you still"
It was then i knew i really loved her too
I guess i always will


Another letter
The last letter
I wrote a letter
It said "don't cry lady, you really shouldn't care"
Tuesday at seven i will find my heaven
And i'll see you there

(chorus 2x)

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