Lyrics of Entrenched

Bolt Thrower

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Release date : 15/11/2005

Duration : 0:03:41

Style : Rock

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Devastated, through broken promises and lies
The scars lie deep now, burning from inside
Cut through broken promises and lies
Intense resentment now will thrive

Instinctively - as you feel the anger rise
As the pressure builds hatred fills the mind

Overpowering - gripped within the jaws of defeat
Under attack - no organized retreat
Trapped within the jaws of defeat
Won but lost - the misery complete

When least expected - with the element of surprise
Silent and swiftly - another taken life

Violated - breached are all defensive lines
The enemy has victory in sight

Within the moment
When all seems lost
In retaliation
Eradicate the past

In defeat triumphant
In the face of massed adversity
In a world of compromise
...some don't.

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