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Pete Townshend

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Well, once i was a stone, many years ago
Into a pool was thrown, many years ago
Time went by and the pool ran dry

Excavated was i and tempered
And beat in the fiery heat
By the hand of a man whose name was dan
Dan the blacksmith

Well, once i was a daisy, many years ago
In pastures green and lazy, many years ago
But i was on my goat who fell in a moat

And forgetting to float
He sunk like a lead and stayed until dead
And was relieved to find
Well, just how kind it all was

Well, once i was a bullfrog, had to struggle for survival
And once i was a carp and lived in waters on the meadow
And once i was a myna bird, quoting verses from the bible
I said, "pretty boy, pretty boy, saint luke"

Then i was born, a human baby, a many years ago
I remember i was born unto a lady, a many years ago

All our hopes were piled on the back of a child
Who turned out to be wild, sent the devil a prayer
Caused the parson to swear so i took my leave
To lie and thieve on my way to jail

Well, i've been a tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor
Known good times and disaster
But now i found a teacher
And my teacher has a master

And the master is perfection
So he'll help us get there faster
Don't need no proof, 'cause it's the truth
And i'll drink to that

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